A photograph that displays authentic joy is refreshing and can encourage us that there is goodness in this life. Images that are filled with energy and life speak to us in a way that words cannot. They touch our souls. They move us. Sometimes you can see joy in an image even when the subject isn’t smiling. There is perhaps a light in their eyes, or maybe a comfort in the way they seem to have no weight on their shoulders. The colors and light in an image can also exude joy. True joy does not mean the absence of pain or heartache, but it achieves a sense of peace in spite of hardship. This is the kind of joyful hope I love to see in the pictures I have taken. Sometimes it is difficult to immediately find it. You have to search for it, fight for it. But it is worth it – to find joy at all times, through every season. I hope you are able to grab hold of this joy and keep it beside you. I like to have pictures that remind me of this when I lose my way.

– Melinda

Time Light Productions
Woodbridge, VA