Embracing the joy in life starts by seeing it in every moment and grabbing hold of what is good even when it is not always immediately visible.


Every image is as unique and beautiful as the souls that are in it.


No matter how much time passes, or how old we become, some moments hold for us feelings that last a lifetime.

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Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland Photographer

My name is Melinda Deveney, and I am a photographer with Time Light Productions, a photography company that I dreamed of in 2003 and finally started twelve years later (dreams sometimes take time, and many seasons, before they become a reality!) My business is based out of Woodbridge, VA, and while I primarily provide services in Dale City, Quantico, Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, and other cities in Prince William County, I love to take photos all over the DC Metro Area. I specialize in capturing genuine, inspiring and timeless photographs of moments at significant times in life. There are many seasons in life, some exciting and inspiring, and others that mark a time of sadness or loss. I approach photography with thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and authenticity to tell your unique story in whatever season you find yourself. I bring creativity and artistry when capturing naturally occurring moments as well as carefully facilitated ones. For each photographic session, I seek to portray life as it is and as you hope it to be from your unique perspective and through my creative vision and interpretation. Through this combined documentary and editorial style, I strive to produce genuine photographs of real moments, timeless portraits, inspiring event images, and thoughtful pieces of art that authentically represent your story, your time, your season.

Photography for Life

If you’re looking for a personalized, unique, and creative experience with a photographer in Virginia, then Time Light Productions is the photography company for you. Whether you are recently engaged, eloping, planning a wedding, having a baby and growing your family, hosting an event or about to experience some other significant time in your life, I would love to be there to capture the moments with you! I am dedicated to documenting significant life events for the thoughtful and authentic client and working hard to personalize each session and overcome any obstacles we might encounter. I am very familiar with our wonderful Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland traffic and know how to plan and navigate through its unpredictability. There is a plethora of parks, historical sites and battlefields in Prince William County and surrounding counties that make great photography backdrops. Occoquan Regional Park, Leesylvania State Park, and Pohick Bay Park are some of my favorite local spots for an outdoor session. The Potomac River runs along some of these parks and many other great sites and also feeds into the body of water that graces the quaint town of Occoquan. I’m also familiar with working in Montclair, Quantico, Bristow, Manassas, Lake Ridge, Woodbridge and up and down I-95, Richmond Hwy and Jefferson Davis Hwy, fondly known as Route 1. I used to live in Alexandria and Lorton and love the drive along Mount Vernon Memorial Highway in Fairfax County.

Proposal, Engagement, Elopement and Wedding Photography

One of the most exciting seasons of life is the beginning of two lives uniting and becoming one! To find true, genuine love that will last a lifetime is a rare treasure that brings indescribable joy. Along with the excitement and joy, there can be stress, pressure and tension to produce a perfect event to celebrate this love. Whether you are planning a surprise proposal, an engagement party or a wedding, there are details upon details that are overwhelming. I would love to step in and be a part of making your celebration seamless. I have extensive experience with event planning and coordinating which helps me as a photographer to give you the support you need. Whether we meet in person or talk via email, or a simple phone call, I’m here to provide you with as much information as you need regarding your Northern Virginia, DC or Maryland proposal, engagement or wedding photography. I can also help provide you with other wedding information in the DC Metropolitan area. If you are looking for great, creative ideas, or are having a difficult time selecting vendors I am here to help and make suggestions based on your specific requirements. I listen to the story of how you met, what you and your significant other are like, what you love to do, and help you create moments that are uniquely yours. In addition to the creative, artistic aspects, I can help you with the technical and organizational components that go into planning a proposal, engagement, elopement or wedding. I can help you write the timeline, determine how many hours of coverage you may need, and write a list for your family portraits so you will know who we will be grouping together for formal family portraits on your wedding day! The list of possibilities and things to do are endless and I come prepared to help in any way I can to ensure your special moments are captured in an authentic, thoughtful, inspiring, creative way that expresses your unique, timeless love.

Family, Maternity and Newborn Photography

I love families, I myself come from a large family, and believe in the importance of capturing memories that matter into images that you can treasure and look at over and over through the years. Time passes so quickly, everyone grows up so fast, and most of the pictures that are taken end up on Facebook or Instagram, but are never printed to enjoy and pass down through generations. Capturing real genuine family time is an honor and a joy for me. From walking along snapping photos for an expecting mother, gently setting up an infant session of a newborn, capturing laughter between a father and son, to a grandparent playing with a grandchild, it is a one of a kind experience to creatively portray all these expressions of love. Every family is unique in its makeup and dynamic. Each individual plays a part in the growing, evolving, organic unit we call family. Together, we can tell your story, with its ups and its downs, its triumphs and failures, and most of all, the love that carries you through each time and season.

Funeral and Memorial Photography

The hardest season in life is the one when we lose someone we love. Memorializing our goodbyes is not something that is easy to do. It takes sensitivity, compassion and grace. It is too difficult for you to do alone, but I believe it is important to preserve the memories of honoring our loved ones, and I want to be able to do that for you. My grandfathers were honored at Arlington Cemetery with beautiful ceremonies. Family came together that had not seen each other in years to say goodbye. It was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. It was not easy. I am not a pretty crier. And I did not want my picture taken, but I am grateful for the images of our time as a family, united in love and sorrow. I sincerely care about my clients at all stages of their lives and do my best to be sensitive to the unique needs of each one.

Anniversary and Vow Renewal Photography

As the years go by, and time separates us from the day we first said our vows, it is vital to remember our first love, why we fell in love, and renew our commitment to each other. Anniversaries are wonderful occasions to capture photos of the love that has lasted. Vow renewals are special ceremonies to publicly celebrate the years and recommit to each other. I want to know your love story – what you love to do, where you love to go, your hopes, your dreams. Your legacy of lasting love is something that should be captured in photographs and passed on from generation to generation. I have a special place in my heart for couples who have lived, loved and lasted. You bring hope and inspiration to all of us following your example. Authentic, real love is something I am passionate about capturing in compelling images and I would love to learn more about your journey together.

Event Photography

Every event is a production that has countless moving parts all working together. I named my business Time Light Productions because I value the production aspect of events and understand that photography is one element of many that make an event successful. My background is in office management and administration as well as event planning and budgeting. I love to see ideas form into visions and then visions into reality. A photographer that understands what it takes to coordinate and facilitate the goals of an event can be an asset to the success of the production. This is what I bring with my photography. I want to understand your vision and mission, how the goals of your event align with them, and how I can help facilitate them with the photographs I produce. The photographs I capture from an event have purpose and depth and can be used to motivate, inspire, encourage and promote your vision and mission.

Pricing and Inquiries

My pricing for local photography and non-local destination weddings, events and sessions are not listed on my site, but I am happy to provide it to you if you send me an email through my contact form. I will gladly answer any questions you have about the services I offer. I look forward to hearing from you!